Introducing Magenta

We are a deeply experienced team who provide a unique combination of technical, business and industry knowledge that is channelled into a complete service system integration for the broadcast industry. Because we understand how things work today, we can ensure you and your workflows are ready for tomorrow.

We help content creators & service providers to find more efficient ways to deliver video content, using enhanced video workflows, virtual technologies and smarter thinking.

Our highly focused and committed approach ensures quick and efficient infrastructure solutions tailored to your individual business needs. Our high quality product sourcing skills, combined with our fresh and innovative thinking ensures you can trust us to ensure your smooth transition into next generation technologies and workflows.

‍‍‍"Magenta are a key supplier for A+E Networks UK and have played a vital part in our recent office move. They ensure a seamless transition of the broadcast environment with minimal do‍‍‍wntime and redesigned our company’s network infrastructure for our new office.

The magenta team are always on hand to advise on new technology and are brilliant solutions architects."

— Jan-Hendrik Hein

‍‍‍Director of Media Operations and Post Production Servi‍‍‍ces

A+E Networks UK‍‍‍

"we handle the details, to enable your bigger picture"

‍‍‍A+E Networks

Workflow modernisation & technology refresh as part of a building move.   Click here for case study


Helping solve scaling challenges & analysing usage on a OTT platform


Cloud based post production platform, built with magenta tools on AWS.

Our Work

The Team

50a Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LJ

Tim Burton

Dominic Bird

Martin Riley

John Currie

The Magenta Way

You will benefit from a team with in-house perspectives and insights, and the guidance and wider domain knowledge of external providers, without adding to your overheads and reducing risk. Further, we have extensive experience working with both technical and non technical colleagues, explaining complex technical issues to foster a constructive and collaborative delivery.

Our consultative and disruptive approach challenges legacy thinking and helps you find new ways of working – sometimes we just need to fine-tune and simplify, sometimes we will help you constructively disrupt – and we’ll help you integrate leading edge technologies for maximum effect.

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